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In a recent study on phone usage, it was found that about 30% of all mobile phone usage was on Apps, while only about 9% was used for making calls. Companies can see a massive jump in market penetration and company awareness by offering mobile apps that tie in with their web presence. At Mountain Multimedia we build apps with a unique look and feel, and a creative approach.

Businesses benefit when customers are comfortable bringing them into their life. In the past this was done traditionally with catchy jingles, captivating art, and commercials. Today the state of the art is interactive apps for mobile devices that both facilitate and encourage direct interaction between the customer and the business. Mountain Multimedia is experienced in developing apps that can integrate with WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and Magento, or stand alone. With a functional and fun mobile app, your presence online can increase in value to both the customers and the company.

We at Mountain Multimedia don't limit ourselves to a single development method and can give our clients a powerful app with the features required for the job. We can include 3D design, music, multimedia components, games, art or just a basic, standardized app. Finally, with our ability to tie into web presence, our clients can update content inside the app from their website’s content management system.

The Seattle environment demands a highly tech savvy presentation and expect more from a company than a business card. Your Seattle mobile app can keep a company relevant among its customers, and the benefit doesn’t stop after the first use. People who get excited about apps share them with their family, friends and neighbors, as well as their extended social networks.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a way to make your web site look and function perfectly on all sizes of screens and devices. Keep pace with the modern revolution in web design and make your site universally friendly. :)


PURE Mobile sites available too

We offer Smartphone Apps that have a new feel from the average Apps you may be used to. We can tie them into popular Content Management Systems so that you can update them from the convenience of your regular site updates.

We have a range of methods for developing Apps so we can make Apps that take things to the next level.


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