Responsive Web Design

L-Ten Photography - taking Responsive Web Design to higher standards and resolutions! Not only handling all sizes of mobile devices - also handles the BIG screens by transforming the site to a Large Background Slideshow when the monitor is large.

L Ten - Seattle Real Estate Photography and Portraits

3D and Creative Web Design

3D Web Design SpecialtyCynderellie's Closet - using Flash and Wordpress in a unique way. This process began with a Fact-Finding Specifications meeting then Mock-ups. It continued with a specialized 3D photoshoot combined with regular photos. The extensive building phase of this website combined Flash Actionscript, Papervision3D, PHP and Wordpress customization. No design goal is too big for Mountain MultiMedia!

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Edmonds Sports Academy

Mountain MultiMedia started off helping ESA build on an existing Wordpress custom Online Store. However, as they grew, their needs grew and the model for business the old store used no longer fulfilled their needs. At that point MMM stepped in and offered a better, more flexible eCommerce system that could handle a much broader spectrum of online purchase needs. The Edmonds Sports Academy site is still in Wordpress, but now they can tap into many more aspects of Wordpress plugins and solutions (the old online store was tied to the theme in ways that made it difficult to pull in other plugins).

Edmonds Massage

Some of the highlights for this site are HTML5 custom animations and Wordpress CMS.

More on HTML5 and Edmonds Massage

Brides and Beyond

Online Store Bridal eCommerce using Business Catalyst

Wellness 4 Ever

Lush Web Design creatively using Wordpress blog in a unique presentation. Flash Animations, 3D and Water FX. Rich color scheme.

Wellness 4 Ever

Garden Gear

Online Store for Gardening Equipment and Supplies. Using Business Catalyst for its excellent user interface and online store features.

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