Search Engine Optimization

Mountain MultiMedia has built years of experience enhancing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For some companies, SEO or Online Marketing is the only thing they care about in terms of the web and results. When the competition kicks in, it becomes a huge job to manage SEO for websites.

Because of this and because of our other areas of expertise we are focusing our SEO skills into very specific areas: Content Management for Organic SEO and Structurally designing better SEO into websites.

For other areas we network with a close team of experts to provide the full gambit of SEO Management.

Online Business Coaching

We have an open stance to education on matters of SEO. We've trained and coached clients on how to manage their own SEO in many cases. After all, who knows your content better than you? (Well, maybe in some cases) It just depends on how comfortable you are as a basic writer and if you have the time to put in. Bringing us to our next point...

Online Business Management

We've found that most small business owners are too busy doing what they do best to have adequate time to manage SEO and their Online Presence. That's why we've developed Online Presence Management service plans that help you manage all aspects of your web marketing needs.

Currently we are not accepting any new clients for this program but may open this plan in the future. Contact us for our partner in this field who IS currently taking new clients.

Our Background...

Mountain Multimedia began in Edmonds, WA enhancing search engine optimization for our clients as a natural outgrowth of our philosophy and dedication to good web design. At Mountain Multimedia, we know that building our clients’ success is building our own future. After all, what good is having a high quality, custom developed, professional website if nobody knows about it.

We at Mountain Multimedia know that managing our clients’ web presence is an ongoing challenge, and our customers know that our dedication to enhancing their standing online is important in gaining new customers for their businesses.

Organic SEO

Our SEO methods and practices have the important result of reducing the need for paid advertising. We improve the rank of our clients’ websites within search engines in order to avoid needing to pay for sponsorship of results. In addition to reducing the need for advertising, our service is tailored to every customer’s specific needs and target markets, whether they are defined regionally, or by demographic. And while we work diligently to minimize advertising costs for our clients, we do recommend paid advertising management if the need arises based on competition.

The Extra Mile

While having a well-designed and professional website is the first—and most important—step in beginning a business with a strong presence online, other important factors in our clientele’s online aspect include:

Social Media and Active Participation

In this world of constant internet access, and constant connection between people, maintaining a positive social presence is of paramount importance to a business’ success. Mountain Multimedia is currently working with a network of local partners to provide this expertise.

Look to Mountain MultiMedia as your source for guidance. We can help you see the big picture of your online presence and meet your goals for business.

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