An Introduction to HUD's Home Buying Site in a helpful YouTube Video by Keith Foote

Intro to HUD

An informative walkthrough on the basics of HUD Homes

More Details on the HUD's Home process describing Addendums and disclosures about the home specifically and the condition it is in, repairs required, property condition, etc. (YouTube Video by Keith Foote)

Property Addendums

An important resource for HUD purchases online

Owner Occupant Sales Contract walkthrough to build awareness of what you will need to fill out to submit an offer (YouTube Video by Keith Foote)

HUD Sales Contract

Build awareness about what info you will need to complete an offer

What is the HUD "Good Neighbor Next Door" program? Find out more on this YouTube Video by Keith Foote

Good Neighbor Next Door

Buy a HUD home for half off.

Keith Foote talks about how to set up scans in

Set up Scans

Video: How to set up automatic searches on

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Best Resource Links

Top Links to HUD Resources

Resources for Real Estate Agents about HUD homes

HUD Agent Info

Links to HUD Resources for Agents

BLB Resources does not process utility activation requests. Please contact the assigned FSM with utility activation questions and requests.

Utility Activation

To activate utilities in order to complete inspections and appraisals

Please use this form to cancel contracts. Note: if you cancel due to anything disclosed initially, you run the risk of losing your earnest money

Cancellation Request

How to Cancel Contracts

Request to change Financing Type

Change Financing

How to Change Financing Type

This is how you get your free copy of the FHA appraisal

FHA Appraisal Request

Free copy of appraisal report

Need to add a purchaser for lending?

Request to Add Purchaser

Need to add a purchaser for lending?

Need to remove one of the buyers?

Request to Remove Purchaser

Remove a buyer?

All Forms for completing HUD purchase in Washington state. This is mainly presented for Agents use but could also be used by buyers in certain cases.

All BLB Forms

All HUD Home Purchase Forms From BLB for WA State.